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Camping s Ondřejem Cihlářem: Jan Havelka a Filip Molčan

What does Czech Switzerland look like two years after the fire? What makes a village better than Silicon Valley? What do Doubice and Dubáci have in common? And why do all roads lead to Beran in Podještědí? This is what actor and presenter Ondřej Cihlář will ask his guests. Next Camping belongs to urban adventurers who have found their home in the countryside and its forests. This time the invitation has been accepted by Filip Molčan, an idealist and volunteer guardian of the Czech Switzerland National Park, who also runs a software company employing disabled developers from a log cabin in the borderlands. Together with him you can look forward to Jan Havelka, the owner of Beran's Inn in Trávníček and also the chairman of the Dubáci association, who moved to Podještědí from Prague and helps restore monuments and local traditions.

This event will be held in Czech.


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