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Iwan Baan: Prague Diary

"I don't consider myself a photographer of architecture," says Dutchman Iwan Baan, who, despite this statement, is one of the most sought-after architectural photographers in the world today. The exhibition at CAMP is a record of his wanderings through the "everyday" instances of the summer city, from the tourist-flooded historic center to the deserted banks of the Vltava. He came to Prague not for an architectural commission but for what he considers his passion and main artistic interest—documentary photography. He believes "it is only when a new building becomes ordinary that it becomes truly interesting". Eugen Liška, co-curator of the exhibition, will take you on a guided tour, explaining the context of the Prague series and the secret of the success of Baan's work, a success which goes beyond the architectural world.

* The tour is interpreted into Czech sign language.


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