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Prager100: Night Symposium at Pelc-Tyrolka

Karel Prager would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year, and to mark the occasion, we will visit his buildings together. Some of them have been serving their purpose for 50 years, others are awaiting reconstruction, and for others, a whole new phase has already begun. One of them, designed by Karel Prager, Jiří Albrecht and Jiří Kadeřábek, is part of the university campus in the area of Libeň known as Pelc-Tyrolka and became the seat of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University. In addition to a guided tour of the building, which was transformed according to the design of architects Ladislav Kuba and Tomáš Pilař, we will also look at other works by Karel Prager. The event will also have a historical-philosophical overlap in the form of a symposium featuring Radomíra Sedláková, Martina Koukalová and Vladimír 518. The event will be held in cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University.

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