The arteries of the planet are the arteries of humanity. Like a marvelous sculptor, rivers have shaped the Earth into what we know it to be. They have smoothed mountains, carved out valleys and created fertile plains, which they then decorated with their meandering. In many places, rivers are seen as a source of hope and an object of worship; in others, they heal, bless, wash away sins and purify the dead. Rivers are the arteries of the planet. Wherever they flow, all forms of life, including human life, emerge, survive, and perhaps even flourish. Our early destinies were shaped by the will of rivers. Over time, they became the routes through which trade and technology spread inland. Poetry, stories, religion, politics and conflict have flowed down the river. Rivers grew our towns and cities. 'River' takes viewers on a journey through space and time, covering six continents and using state-of-the-art filmmaking tools, including satellite imagery, to present rivers from perspectives we have never seen before. The result is a fusion of image, music and sparing poetic commentary, resulting in a dreamy and compelling film that celebrates the wildness of rivers but also draws attention to their vulnerability.

  • Jennifer Peedom, Joseph Nizeti / Australia / 2021 / 75 min / subtitles

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