Soundtrack of Prague: Velká Praha

Archival film footage, photographs, urban plans and shellac LP samples with contemporary electroacoustic music. Another audiovisual evening, Soundtrack of Prague, will commemorate 100 years since the expansion of our city into „Greater Prague“. Videoart was created by Jaroslav Hrdlička, including live performance by Jan Burian Jr. & mʊdʌki. The Soundtrack of Prague project regularly presents projects and musical performers who deal with urban themes in their work. The event is organised by the cultural platform GoodGood in cooperation with the Centre for Architecture and Urban Planning (CAMP), the National Film Archive and the Ústí nad Labem City Archive. Creators: • Jaroslav Hrdlička is a multimedia artist, scenographer, performer, animator, VJ and game designer. He graduated from the New Media Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. For almost 10 years he worked as a stage designer at the Archa Theatre. Jaroslav is the co-creator of the video game Dark Train, which won the Game of the Year award for visuals in 2016, a member of the band Kyklos Galaktikos, co-founder of the Blacksphere audiovisual festival, etc... He collaborates with many Czech and international creators and institutions across artistic disciplines. • Jan Burian is a Czech composer and sound designer. He has collaborated with various theatre artists (Min Tanaka, Dogtroep, Peter Schumann, Living Dance Studio Beijing) and film artists (P. Koutecký, V. Švankmajer, M. Mareček). He has been working with therapist Maria Madeira for over ten years and has composed music for two of her books. For the NFA he composed and recorded the music for the restored film Such is Life and is currently working on the soundtrack for the restored first Czech film by Jan Kříženecký. He teaches workshops on sound design, art of listening and creative approach to electronic musical instruments (Archa International Summer School, FSV UK, Ableton User Group Prague). He is a founding member of the music projects Tyto alba and Kyklos Galaktikos. • Polina Khatsenka aka Mudaki is a Czech-based sound artist, DJ, organizer and music producer from Minsk, Belarus. She has been exploring sound since 2015. Her music production comes from the subconscious with an emphasis on authentic sound sources, original recordings using basic hardware, including diy synths. She is one of the founders of phonon~, a collective dedicated to mediating sound art and spatial sound in Ústí nad Labem since 2017. She collaborates with the Ústí nad Labem City Archives on the digitalization of shellac gramophone records. Since 2021 she has been running the course Silence. Pause. Rest. at Kunstuniversität Linz in Austria.

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