The Electric Works building in the course of time

When built, it was the largest office building in Prague and an example of modern building methods and technologies. This generous project was completed according to the design of architects Adolf Benš and Josef Kříž in 1935. The new book called Palác Elektrických podniků v běhu času, published by ARGO, is not only a narrative monograph presenting the architecture and typology of this exceptional building, but it also examines the social and cultural context of the time. In large part, the book also maps the extensive reconstruction and partial conversion of the building, which can be described as one of the most challenging reconstructions of a heritage-protected building in Prague. In this regard, the publication enriches the knowledge of interwar period architecture and the possibilities of its restoration. The rich photographic and documentary material is interwoven with the reflections of historians, engineers and architects on tectonics, materials, and above all, composition, order and aesthetics, which are the timeless message of this building.


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