Urban Talks
Carlo Ratti (ITA)

How are new technologies changing the way we perceive and understand cities? Forbes has featured Italian architect, engineer, inventor and educator Carlo Ratti on its list of names you need to know. With his team at the SENSEable City Lab, he devises innovative projects by tracking the data we generate. They draw on passive data like our phone calls or the trash we throw away, which can create surprising visualizations of life in the city. They think about how to interact with the public space around us; how to effectively connect the digital world with the physical environment. In Dubai, CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati is preparing an Italian pavilion for EXPO 2020 with an innovative structure inspired by the most advanced aspects of sustainability and the circular economy. In collaboration with an international team of experts, Carlo Ratti and architect Italo Rota have converted shipping containers into intensive care modules for patients with COVID-19 diseases. Their first CURA prototype has been in operation in a hospital in Turin since April.


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