Urban Talks
Citizens' Assemblies: Marcin Gerwin (PL)

What exactly are citizens' assemblies trying to do, and why are they so successful around the world? What are their results? And could they work in the Czech Republic as well? IPR Prague, in collaboration with the Prague City Hall, invited Marcin Gerwin, an expert on citizens' assemblies, who graduated in political science and has long focused on sustainable development in the context of global challenges. He is the author of Citizen Assemblies: Guide to Democracy that Works, Food and Democracy, and Climate-Friendly Food. The Polish specialist will present his approach to decision-making on issues that divide society. The tool of citizens' assemblies has already been tried in Gdansk, Berlin, Mostar, Paris and many other cities. It is also being used at a national level, as demonstrated in Ireland, Germany, France and Austria, but also at the European level, in the Conference on the Future of Europe. The approach can even be used internationally, as in the case of the Global Citizens Assembly.


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