Urban Talks
Kathrine Standal, Oda Solberg, Gjermund Gorset a Arild Eriksen (NOR)

Does a fair housing policy exist? How is affordable housing addressed in Norway? And what inspirations can we take from this Scandinavian country? At the next Urban Talks lecture, which takes place as part of the Future Urban Habitat affordable housing conference, you will hear from experts who are dealing with this topic on a daily basis. Architect Oda Solberg will talk about Natural State, an organization specializing in sustainable economy in the context of urban planning. Kathrine Standal, director of the Trondheim Housing Foundation, will present how housing policy works in Norway. And politician Gjermund Gorset will share his experience managing the experimental community neighborhood Svartlamon. The fourth guest will be architect Arild Eriksen, founder of Fragment, a studio that focuses on designing community housing, and author of the book Pilotbydelen.

The lecture follows a mid-morning workshop organized by CCEA MOBA.

Organizer: CCEA MOBA; Partners: IPR Prague, CAMP and Creative Europe; Funded by EEA/Norway Funds 2014–2021; The event is held under the auspices of the Czech Chamber of Architects


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