Urban Talks
Sou Fujimoto (JP)

Tokyo-based master of transparent architecture Sou Fujimoto blurs the lines between the exterior and interior. Fujimoto has become known worldwide as a visionary who stands at the intersection of nature and architecture. In 2013, at the age of 41, he became the youngest person to create the Serpentine Gallery's summer pavilion in London. Visitors to Hyde Park at the time explored his white steel lattice-like structure resembling a floating cloud. Other extraordinary structures followed, such as the 'White Tree' Tower in Montpellier, France, which resembles a pine tree, or a glass-enclosed public toilet in the middle of a women-only garden near Tokyo. In Prague, Fujimoto took part in an architectural competition for a complex of buildings to be built on the site of the former Telecom in Žižkov.

Sou Fujimoto will come to Prague for the Summit of Architecture and Development, organized by the Association for Architecture and Development (Sdružení pro architekturu a rozvoj), which sponsored this lecture at CAMP.


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