The 56-hectare area along the right bank of the Prague meander – Rohan and Libeň Islands – is undergoing a gradual transformation. In addition to private investment, several municipal projects are underway. The capital city owns a large part of the land in the area, which is undevelopable and needs to be designed in a high-quality and sustainable way for its future development according to the needs of the city and its inhabitants. The task of theinternational competitive dialogue, announced by the IPR Prague together with the City Hall in the spring of 2022, was to propose how the public spaces along the Vltava River will change over the next few years. The area, which has not received much attention in the past, will become a place not only for wildlife, living and working, but also for relaxation, while protecting the people of Prague from floods.

The city‘s goal is to implement a natural flood protection park on the river, Maniny Park, which is intended not only to strengthen the city‘s flood protection, but also to restore the connection between the city, people and the river. The development of local communities, the enhancement of biodiversity, the preservation of the local urban wilderness and the integration of the area into the context of the existing city and the projects on the Vltava River are also important themes of development in the area.

The result of the international competitive dialogue is the Landscape design of the Maniny Park and the Rohan and Libeň Island Concept Plan. Four selected teams from Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic designed the future shape of the flood protection park and the adjacent public spaces. The aim was to examine the original design for the removal of soil in the area and the creation of a new channel, and to find the most appropriate approach to the area, also in the light of new knowledge and needs. The best design was selected by an expert committee in May 2023, with OMGEVING+FISER+VRV+SINDLAR becoming the winning team.


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