What happens if you collect data from Prague streets of more than 4500 km and process them through machine learning algorithms? This brand new artwork by internationally renowned artist Refik Anadol is a unique marriage between urban data and artistic production. The impressive large-scale projection, created specifically for CAMP and Signal Festival, emerged out of a machine-artist collaboration based on a neural network that analysed data from the point cloud model of the city of Prague.

This 3D model, evolving continuously with the real-time data feed of LIDAR laser scanner footage, is constantly being updated and refined. It captures all the unevenness and surfaces of buildings and is used for planning and mapping of the city. The result is an immersive site-specific installation that merges abstract visuals with concrete architecture, a unique virtual audiovisual journey through the collective memories from the streets of Prague. The model for the installation was provided by the Institute of Planning and Development of the City of Prague.

Instalace Refika Anadola jsou rozsáhlé a často pokrývající celé fasády. V CAMPu mu poslouží 25 metrů široká promítací stěna.

Source: Roman März

About artist

Refik Anadol is a new media artist, designer and pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence and dataset aesthetics. He focuses on projects that bridge human and machine perception. His works combine the possibilities of data visualization intertwined with neural networks. Refik Anadol explores the limits of recording memories or imagination that lies in complex generative algorithms. His practice ranges from creating live audio-visual projections on buildings, gallery exhibitions around the world, to immersive installations. He draws on his knowledge of machine learning, architecture, 3D modeling and sculpture. Refik Anadol was born in Istanbul and lives and works in Los Angeles.

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