guided tour
Open House Prague: Prager's Cubes

In May, doors all around Prague will open again—and you shouldn't miss it. On Saturday and Sunday, there will be guided tours of the Prager "cubes", the buildings of the Association of Design Studios. The tours will take place every hour from 10.00 to 18.00, with the last tour starting at 17.00. What is the history of the building complex, and what will the planned reconstruction bring? Find out all this during the Open House 2024 festival! On Saturday, there will be tours for deaf, blind and visually impaired visitors. There will also be workshops with our accessibility coordinators. CAMP also features the current exhibition Planeta Praha, which is fully accessible throughout the weekend. During the day, you and your children can be inspired by Karel Prager and build your own original structures using a large-scale building kit. The tours are free and accessible. The capacity of the tours is flexible according to interest.

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